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Implant dentistry is a highly specialised field for replacing missing teeth with titanium fixtures placed in the jawbone. These fixtures are used to support the missing teeth.

Dentists will place the titanium fixtures and some time is necessary for bone to heal completely around these fixtures, after which crowns can be placed via intermediate abutments.

In Smile Experts, we use computer-aided implant treatment whereby modern technologies are available to improve the predictability and safety of implant treatment.the various modern technologies to provide a one-stop facility for planning and performing Computer-Aided Implant Treatment.

Our specialists have collaborated with various institutions and private clinics to teach and further enhance the predictability and safety of implant treatment. The use of specialised computer software and digital 3-dimensional x-ray facility has allowed our dentists to plan and perform implant surgeries in virtual space. This serves to prepare our dentists during the performance of the actual surgery and hence improving the safety and predictability of your implant treatment.

Mini Implant

Traditional Implant
All-On-4 Implant

Keyhole Implant

Benifit Of Dental Implant

  1. 1. Improve chewing efficiecy
  2. 2. No pain from dentures
  3. 3. Anti-aging-effect
  4. 4. Better health through better diet
  5. 5. Improve self esteem and confidence...

Treatment Process

  1. 1. What you can expect at the first consultation?
  2. 2. Placement of implant
  3. 3. Placement of new teeth
  4. 4. Care for your implants
  5. 5. How long is the surgery?
  6. 6. Is the surgery painfull?