Dental braces are orthodontic appliances that are designed to straighten and improve the aesthetics and function of your teeth. This is beneficial for most children as straight teeth are easier to clean. In addition, after the teeth have been straightened, there is usually an increase in overall self-esteem.

However, the braces process can be uncomfortable when the teeth are being moved. Braces can also trap more food than usual, so great attention to good oral hygiene is required to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. The common types of braces include the traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, self-ligating braces and lingual braces. There are also invisible or clear braces, read more about Invisalign here.

Common Orthodontic Issues

Ceramic Braces
Lingual Braces
Metal Braces
Self-Legating Braces

Benifit Of Braces

  1. 1. Improve aesthetics of the teeth
  2. 2. Increase self confidence
  3. 3. Easier to keep teeth clean
  4. 4. Healthy teeth and gums

Treatment Process

  1. 1. Initial consultation and assessment
  2. 2. Impressions and X-rays
  3. 3. Installation of braces
  4. 4. Regular reviews
  5. 5. Removal of braces
  6. 6. Retainers