1. Smile Experts Junior Dental Service
  2. 1. Consultation
  3. 2. Prophylaxis and topical fluoride application
  4. 3. Fissure sealants
  5. 4. Pulpal (nerve) treatment in children
  6. 5. Tooth-coloured fillings
  7. 6. Stainless steel crowns
  8. 7. Extractions...

Benefits of Children's Dentistry

  1. 1. t is only when a child is taken to a dentist when he or she is in pain or when there are cavities that the situation gets compounded. During the procedure to rectify the situation to help the child, some discomfort will certainly arise and this is the beginning of the apprehension and fear. Do not let this happen to your child.
  2. 2. However, if a child enjoys a visit to the dentist and does not encounter any unpleasant experiences, that child will have no fears that are so common in adults.

Treatment Process

  1. 1. We have a "Toy Story" treatment room for boys and a "Disney Princess" treatment room for girls. Both are brightly painted and decorated with decals from your child's favourite cartoons.

  2. 2. The dentist will examine your child's teeth for cavities and gum problems and recommend the appropriate treatment. If all is well, a simple prophylaxis will be done, followed by a fluoride application in decay prone children.