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  1. 1.Gum disease is one of the two most common diseases that affect our oral cavity. This disease is a condition affecting the gum and bone surrounding the teeth. The disease does not produce obvious signs and symptoms until it has progressed to an advanced stage. In all stages of gum disease, patients usually suffer from bleeding gums as a result of bacteria causing damage to the gums.

  2. Gum specialists (Periodontists) are specially trained dentists who can detect and treat the complete range of gum disease.

Benefits of Gum Treatment

  1. 1. Saving of teeth
  2. 2. Curing of bleeding gums
  3. 3. Elimination of bad breath
  4. 4. Better health through better gums...

Treatment Process

  1. 1. What you expect at their first consultation?
  2. 2. Initial gum treatment (Phase I)
  3. 3. Definitive gum treatment (Phase II)
  4. 4. Follow-up care
  5. 5. Is the gum treatment painful?...